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Winter Skin Care

Although winter is the most challenging season for skincare for many, it does not have to be. Just because the temperature drops, and the heaters go up, it does not mean that we can’t overcome the chance of dry skin if we employ the proper skincare protocol.

Here are my 3 tips and recommendations to help in building your ultimate winter skincare protocol!

Use a gentle cleanser

As the temperature gets colder, the air in our surrounding gets drier causing the moisture from the dermis, the top layer of our skin to dissipate more quickly. Therefore, leaving skin feeling and looking parched and sensitive to certain products. I suggest using gentile cleansers like Micellar Water by Mary Kay, which will not strip the skin of its natural oils, especially for acne-prone skin and does not need to be rinsed. For acne-prone skin, I recommend using the Clear Proof Acne System.

Use the proper moisturizer for your skin type

Switch to an oil-based moisturizer like Mary Kay Intense Moisturizing Cream and moisturize frequently. The more oil a moisturizer contains the more effectively it protects against moisture loss. Moisturizers that come in ointment form contain the most oil because an ointment, by definition, consists of 80% oil and 20% water. This water-in-oil emulsion forms a protective layer on the skin and makes it more “moisturizing” than creams and lotions. Ointments are especially beneficial when humidity is low. Ointments should not be used on areas of the body that tend to get hot and sweaty. Don’t forget your lips!

Forgetting to moisturize your lips should be the least of your worries at this point. The winter weather a good reason, but now that our lips are constantly shielded by facemasks, gives us even more reason to pay attention to the moisture on our lips. To effectively hydrate and smooth your lips, use lip masks and gels that are made to lock-in moisture, nourish and soften the lips. I recommend using Mary Kay White Tea & Citrus Satin Lips Set for a quick remedy, for a daily, on-the-go remedy, using a lip balm like Mary Kay Limited Edition Intuitive pH Lip Balm.

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